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About us

ChargeHub is a vibrant community EV drivers and a dedicated team committed to improving the charging experience from the home to public places. Together, they contribute to the development of a more user friendly EV charging infrastructure in the U.S. and Canada

ChargeHub provides the most up-to-date electric vehicle charging infrastructure data curated by experts along with thousands of EV drivers throughout North America (Canada, US and Mexico). Our rigorous database process is used to ensure the highest quality information.

Our APIs


Returns all locations with basic information. This API is used to import the ChargeHub location into your own database to use in your application. 

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Dynamic Status

Returns the current status of all ports. This should be used to save the status in your system.

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User Content

Load user comments and pictures into your application.

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We offer a simple REST API that you can directly integrate in your application to access ALL charging station location information in North America.  We can configure the API to return any data you need and any parameter name you need in order to easily and quickly integrate into your application.  Your users will get instant access to the best and most complete charging station location information.

GET /api/status

"LocID": 36194,
"PortID": 11803,
"StatusCode": 1,
"StatusTime": "2020-07-22T14:45:19.63Z",